The Science Behind CBD For Pets

Pet owners are increasingly starting to use CBD as a natural alternative to help their best friend feel the best! Learn how CBD interacts with your furry companions, offering relief from pain, anxiety, and well-being.
September 28, 2023 — Griffin Lynch
BATCH Gold Reserve Gummies

Understanding High Potency CBD Products: What You Need to Know

High potency CBD products offer greater strength and therapeutic effects than traditional CBD concentrations, making them a great option for those who already are experienced with CBD.
September 26, 2023 — Griffin Lynch
Sleep Gummies

Sleep Gummies: Your Solution To Sleepless Nights

Discover the ultimate remedy for sleepless nights with BATCH Sleep Gummies. Crafted with premium hemp and botanicals, our gummies offer enhanced relaxation…
September 21, 2023 — Griffin Lynch
Pre-Workout Gummies

Pre-Workout Gummies: Boost Your Endurance

Elevate workouts with pre-workout Gummies. Fuel your fitness journey with a wonderful blend of natural ingredients to enjoy sustained energy, better endurance, and…
September 21, 2023 — Griffin Lynch
Energy Gummies: Supercharge Your Day

Energy Gummies: Supercharge Your Day

Elevate your energy naturally with energy gummies. Discover sustained vitality and a balanced approach to wellness with premium hemp formulas embodying...
September 21, 2023 — Griffin Lynch
Calm Gummies

Calm Gummies: Relax Your Mind

Experience tranquility with calm Gummies. Try BATCH gummies today! Crafted from premium hemp extracts and botanicals, our non-psychoactive gummies offer harmonious…
September 21, 2023 — Griffin Lynch
Caffeine Gummies

Caffeine Gummies: Instant Energy Boost When You Need It

Amp up your routine with a tasty twist with caffeine gummies! Get your daily dose of energy and focus in a flavorful bite. Say goodbye to the same old routine and…
September 21, 2023 — Griffin Lynch
Focus Gummies: Improve Your Concentration!

Focus Gummies: Improve Your Concentration!

Enhance focus and concentration naturally with focus gummies from BATCH. Discover the power of premium hemp-based ingredients and CBD for improved cognitive...
September 21, 2023 — Griffin Lynch
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The Art and Science of Being a Chemist in CBD Oil Manufacturing

Excellence in product quality and safety is an essential aspect of the CBD manufacturing process. At the core of this commitment are our expert chemists, who ensure that our CBD products adhere to the highest standards.
September 11, 2023 — Griffin Lynch
BATCH Full-Spectrum CBG Oil

The Power of Full Spectrum CBD & CBG Oil

Learn about the potential synergy of CBD & CBG in full spectrum oil for holistic wellness. CBD offers pain relief, anxiety reduction, and neuroprotection, while CBG boasts anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antibacterial properties.
September 06, 2023 — Dennis Mistrioty
BATCH Original CBD Oil

Exploring the Entourage Effect: The Synergistic Power of Full Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD oil combines a synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes for a well-rounded product. Learn about how the Entourage Effect's amplified benefits can elevate the therapeutic impact of CBD oil. Embrace the all-encompassing advantages of full-spectrum CBD oil on your wellness journey.
August 28, 2023 — Griffin Lynch
Potency and Integrity: Whole Plant vs. Whole Bud CBD Extraction

Potency and Integrity: Whole Plant vs. Whole Bud CBD Extraction

Discover how whole bud extraction may elevate your CBD experience with a concentrated extract rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Learn more about whole bud extraction retains integrity of the hemp plant while delivering an authentic and premium CBD extract.
August 24, 2023 — Griffin Lynch