PET CBD Oil Tincture
PET CBD Oil Tincture
PET CBD Oil Tincture
PET CBD Oil Tincture
PET CBD Oil Tincture
PET CBD Oil Tincture
PET CBD Oil Tincture
PET CBD Oil Tincture

PET CBD Oil Tincture

Bacon, Chicken, or Salmon flavored oil for your furry friend.
Small 10-25 lbs 375 mg CBD
CBD Pet Treats
CBD Pet Treats
CBD Pet Treats
CBD Pet Treats
CBD Pet Treats
CBD Pet Treats

CBD Pet Treats

Peanut butter-flavored chews that your pet will love.
25 mg CBD per Treat

750 mg CBD

CBD Pet Oil

Bacon, Salmon, or Chicken flavored pet safe oil


750 mg CBD

CBD Pet Treats

Peanut butter flavored chews for your best friend


What Is CBD Oil For Dogs?

The endocannabinoid system is a messenger system found in humans, and canines! It supports immune system control, pain management, sleep regulation, and more. The messengers in this system are affected by CBD, which also stimulates the immune, digestive, and neurological systems and the brain. This is possible because CBD contains phytocannabinoids that are incredibly similar to those in your dog's body.

Because of this, CBD has many possible benefits for your pup! CBD is quickly gaining popularity in the pet circles as a natural remedy for a wide variety of ailments.

What Makes BATCH CBD For Pets The Best Choice 

At BATCH we like to mix things up. So, with a background in manufacturing for other brands, we launched BATCH in 2020. Our in-house formula specialists craft only the most effective formulas. This is how we do it.

+ Glass tincture packaging

+ Ethically sourced hemp

+ Sustainable Kraft Mailers

Batch CBD is one of the most carefully produced formulations out there. The entire process, from start to finish, is carried out in a controlled environment by qualified engineers and done to industry standards.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Both Dogs and Cats?

If you buy high-quality, reliable CBD oil for pets from a reputable company, it is completely safe for your pet's consumption, and may even improve their wellness in a variety of ways. CBD for dogs and CBD for cats have become more popular with pet parents in recent years.

Some people use CBD oil for dogs to keep their dog relaxed and focused, while CBD oil for cats can also be a healthy part of a cat's daily routine. Is CBD oil safe for pets is a question you might have as you learn more about its amazing, varied applications.

When bringing anything new into your pet's life, research is crucial. Knowing exactly what CBD is, how it functions, and what to look for in the finest CBD oil for cats and dogs will help you respond to the question of whether it is safe for pets.

With that being said, it is a best practice for you to introduce CBD to your pets in small doses. Always exercise caution and start slow for the first few times trying the treats or oil. 

How Can CBD Oil Help Your Pets?

Your veterinarian may recommend NSAIDs or other painkillers like Gabapentin if your dog suffers from joint pain. However, soft tissues and joints can deteriorate as a result of NSAID use, and they can harm your dog’s liver. Additionally, Gabapentin can harm the kidneys and isn't the most efficient medication for every dog.

CBD is a safe, natural anti-inflammatory that doesn't have the same adverse effects as prescription medications. The brain's CB1 receptors are where it works. The immune system is stimulated by these receptors to lessen inflammation. Additionally, CB1 receptors alter how the brain processes pain.

CB2 receptors in the immunological and neurological systems are bound by CBD. When this occurs, the body may begin to create more cannabinoids naturally. This further lessens inflammation and eases discomfort associated with the pain.

Customers who frequently purchase CBD oil for canines to use as an anti-inflammatory for joint issues include:

+ Hip and elbow dysplasia, and arthritis
+ A sprain or a strain
+ Ligament tears (CCL)

What's The Most Effective Way To Give My Pets CBD?

Use Treats

Many dog owners use dog treats to deliver CBD to their canine pets so they can enjoy the benefits of CBD for dogs. This works best with porous dog treats since they can absorb CBD oil better than dog treats that are flat or spherical. When you have the right amount of CBD, put it on the dog treat and let it sit for a while so it can absorb. To make the operation easier, you can even use a dropper.

Alternatively, you can purchase CBD-infused pet treats that have been baked. These are chosen for various reasons, including the fact that you will only have to spend time applying the correct amount of CBD yourself!

Direct Oral Application

You could also use a dropper to put CBD oil directly into your dog's mouth or apply it that way. Keep using this approach if your dog accepts it! Remember to be gentle with your dog; avoid gagging or tightening their jaws. Give your pet a treat right away to encourage positive behavior as well!

Mix With Pet Food

Dog CBD works best when combined with moist food. Starting out with tiny doses is also a smart idea. It can be a good idea to gradually increase the CBD dosage in your dog's food if you don't notice positive effects from their ingestion of the supplement. To find out the CBD dosage that is suggested for your dog, speak with a qualified veterinarian. Although canines may not first love the taste of CBD, they eventually grow to enjoy it. Let the food rest after adding the CBD oil, then serve.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Pets?

Because CBD oils have various strengths, it's essential to read the box and manufacturer-provided dose guidelines.

The ideal dosage for dogs is determined by their metabolism and body weight. Starting with 3-5 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of the dog's weight may be a wise option.

The effects usually become apparent 15 to 30 minutes after ingestion. The sublingual membrane in the dog's mouth will absorb some of the CBD, and the remainder will pass through the dog's digestive tract and into its circulation.

If you're giving your dog CBD oil for the first time, pay attention to how they react and keep an eye out for any potential adverse effects so you can alter the dosage.

Will CBD Get My Pets High?

The quick response? No. CBD is not a psychoactive substance and does not give regular house pets highs. But that doesn't mean that dogs can't get high. If you choose to give pets marijuana products, you must ensure that they are free of THC.

Ingesting hemp products that contain psychoactive components (i.e. THC), can always have adverse effects if you are not careful. Animals, especially dogs and cats, have more cannabinoid receptors in their bodies than humans do. Because of this, they are more susceptible to the effects of THC and should be monitored closely. It is also important to follow dosage guidelines to ensure that your pet has a pleasant experience. 

Can My Pets Overdose on CBD?

The quick answer is no if you're referring to a traditional overdose, which occurs when a person consumes too much of a certain substance and passes away.

Can giving your dog too much CBD oil cause unfavorable side effects? Perhaps.

The good news is that the dog will need to sleep them off in the worst-case situation.

Both respiratory and brainstem receptors are unaffected by CBD. Similarly, dogs have a maximum amount of CBD that they can use. The remainder will pass to waste through their system. In a 2018 evaluation of CBD, the WHO noted that excessive doses in dogs appear to cause diarrhea, lethargy, and sleepiness. However, they also came to the conclusion that CBD products are generally safe and well-tolerated by both people and animals.

In conclusion, it is reasonable to infer that CBD overdoses are theoretically feasible, but that the majority of them include benign side effects.

CBD is safe for your dog as long as you use it in accordance with the suggested dosage.

The Entourage Effect

This has nothing to do with the tv show (maybe in other circles, but not this one)! But it has everything to do with how a cannabinoid’s effects and benefits change when presented with other cannabinoids/compounds. 

The Entourage Effect is a term for the synergistic benefit derived from all compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD is just one beneficial cannabinoid, but paired with THC, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and other hemp compounds, a greater therapeutic benefit is achieved than any one compound in isolation.

CBD, THC, minor cannabinoids, and even some terpenes all interact with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Your ECS regulates a wide range of biological processes (sleep, appetite, memory, immune function, pain response to name a few). By pairing CBD with other compounds that interact with the ECS, it increases the effectiveness of CBD. 

Dr. Ethan Russo is a leader in medicinal cannabis research and has shared multiple papers supporting the Entourage Effect. Many users have experienced little to no benefit from CBD isolate products, but have been helped greatly by full-spectrum products due to the Entourage Effect.

A 2020 study also found that cannabinoids and terpenes have a combined entourage effect, which may also have an impact on the treatment of mood disorders. It also suggests that terpenes may be a beneficial addition to overall cannabis-based effects. 

Where Can I Buy BATCH Products?

You can purchase our CBD oil products by checking out our “Shop” tab on our website. We have a variety of CBD oil tinctures for those looking for help with sleep, clarity, or just calming down after a long day. 

Will CBD Get Me High?

No. Our CBD oil will not get you high. This is because our products have trace concentrations of THC, less than the legally required 0.3%. This means that you can enjoy the effects of CBD without feeling high or euphoric as with a higher THC product. 

We also test our BATCH blend internally and use third-party testing to ensure you safely enjoy your CBD experience. 

When Should I Try CBD?

CBD is generally well tolerated for daily use. You can always start with a smaller dose (half a gummy or half the dropper amount for a tincture) and then work up to a higher one.

Many users take CBD in the morning before work to ease into the day while others take it before bed to get a good night’s sleep. 

Check out our selection of CBD products to find one tailored to your specific needs!

There are essentially two categories of CBD products: topicals and tinctures. Tinctures are the most popular CBD product. Topical products range from roll-ons and lotions to salves and balms. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. 

For most customers, we would recommend a 500 mg CBD Tincture to start.

How Does CBD Work?

A buzzword online and a commonly misunderstood compound, Cannabidiol or “CBD” is only one of 113+ cannabinoids found inside the hemp plant. This is what makes our hemp a cut above the rest.

CBD interacts with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is responsible for regulating things like sleep, pain, stress, hunger, and more. 

We have naturally occurring cannabinoids in our bodies, and CBD is a phyto-cannabinoid ("phyto" meaning from plants) that helps support that system that's already in place.

BATCH BRIEF - Everyone has one of these! Even our pets do, which is why dogs and cats can benefit from our CBD too. 

What CBD Product Should I Try?


If you’re looking for a faster-acting form of CBD, with the freedom to manipulate or increase your dose in milligrams, this might be the right product for you.


Used on the body for localized support, people choose topicals for their benefits without ingesting the CBD. This method is best with repeated use. 


These are often a good option for people who dislike the taste of CBD, or who prefer it to be pre-dosed.


These are great for avoiding the “planty” taste while ingesting the benefits of CBD and for those looking to pre-dose their CBD.