Who We Are

Wisconsin born, raised, and operated. Working hard is in our DNA. We're a humble team that believes the best wellness solutions are found in nature.

We empower people to enrich their wellness journeys, naturally.



Our Pillars


In everything we do, we show you. We don’t hide behind a cloak of secrecy. We offer lab tours anytime, just call ahead. Can’t make it in? Check our Instagram for our office takeovers.


Never mass produced, we stick to our Wisconsin roots. With a hand crafted, batch by batch approach, we make sure each product is up to snuff. Our operations are vertically integrated, with our entire team under one roof in Milwaukee, WI.


We focus on science and function, not fluff. An emphasis on detail is key when creating supplements that deliver superior results. Our third-party testing practices ensure you’re getting the highest quality products.

SINCE 2018

Making CBD Oil & History

Back in 2018, we were one of the first companies accepted into the "Wisconsin Hemp Pilot Program" and began as a testing facility for the state under the name "Wisconsin Hemp Scientific". Today, we've grown into an established boutique manufacturer for some of the nation's top CBD brands, including our own line: BATCH. We have always known that CBD has the potential to help so many, but is often misunderstood. Our goal is to educate and let CBD prove itself through our line of premium hemp products that truly work!


Our Story

Founded by three lifelong friends, BATCH CBD was a passion project turned business venture. Co-founders Dennis, Griff, and Andy grew up in the greater Milwaukee area and went on to attend the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where they fostered their entrepreneurial spirit (ask us about Greek Street Food Truck). From there, their passion to serve the community evolved into the wellness brand you know and love today. Their background in chemistry and the legalization of hemp in Wisconsin was a springboard for crafting the best-in-class formulas BATCH offers today.

BATCH Labs is proud to be GMP Certified.


✓ Wisconsin farmed hemp
✓ Sense of humor
✓ Great value
✓ Formulated by in-house chemists
✓ Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free
✓ No fillers or additives 
✓ Vegan options
✓ Non-GMO
✓ Organic
✓ 3rd party tests
✓ Proper concentrations


ⓧ Unknown hemp source
ⓧ No sense of humor
ⓧ Overpriced
ⓧ Formulas by marketers
ⓧ Product doesn’t work
ⓧ Added sugars or sweeteners
ⓧ Filler ingredients
ⓧ No 3rd party lab results
ⓧ Not enough CBD per dose
ⓧ Gas station vibes


Meet The Makers

We like to call ourselves the dream team. We pride ourselves on delivering the best natural supplements right to your doorstep.


Dennis Mistrioty

“D-Mist” is the heart and soul of your customer experience. Dennis has a degree in business and handles all marketing, sales, and customer support. If you have a question, comment, or concern, he has your answer.

Go-To BATCH Product: Nighttime Gummies


Griffin Lynch

“Griff” has a degree in chemical engineering and is responsible for developing the unique combination of ingredients that go into each product. He was also an integral part of developing the process to create our signature hemp extract.

Go-To BATCH Product: Original Tincture


Andrew Gould

I've always been fascinated by how supplementation can impact health, mood, focus, and physique, among other things. Nature knows what it's doing, and it offers so many amazing molecules that can improve our lives. With Dennis and Griff, I wanted to create a company that brought nature's best solutions to your doorstep.

Go-To BATCH Product: Energy Gummies


Nick Kanavas

Nick prides himself on being the formulation wizard of the operation. He is responsible for meticulously blending each formula to a tight specification. Nick oversees all manufacturing and ensures you receive your order on time.

Go-To BATCH Product: Gold Reserve Tincture


Frank Mistrioty

Frank is an integral part of the production process from formulations to bottle filling. He is famous for hot takes and hard work. "Frankie" is the one looking at every bottle before it's complete to make sure your CBD is up to snuff.

Go-To BATCH Product: Fire & Ice Balm


Ashley Moehlenpah

“Ashmo” makes all things look good not only for our customers but also our clients. She wears many hats, from managing our Instagram & viral Tiktoks to generating e-mail campaigns and new packaging, there's nothing she can't design.

Go-To BATCH Product: Calm Tincture


Steven Tongas

“Tongas” is the leader of the production group known as the “backies” (due to their location in the back of the facility). He also handles all customer inquiries personally with care. Always full of energy and something to say, he keeps the mood light even on the gloomiest of days. 

Go-To BATCH Product: Dream Tincture

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