Pain plagues us all in one way or another, but the ultimate goal is to attempt to lead as pain-free a life as possible. With a growing attention to holistic offerings and an even larger urgency to stray away from pain medication, people are left to wonder what really works best. 

Studies and personal stories have shown that pain medication and management is a tricky slope to navigate due to a high risk of abuse. CBD oil has presented a potential pathway for doctors and scientists alike to research the possibility of different pain management treatments. 

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CBD oil for Pain - Does it Really Work?

There has been a growing attention to the relevance of CBD oil for chronic and acute pain symptoms. This attention comes as a potential alternative to opioids, which are the only analgesics used to treat severe pain. However, the side effects associated with opioids can range from loss of appetite to issues with constipation, and even respiratory depression.  

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Is CBD oil Legal?

Yes. CBD oil is legal to possess, sell, and consume as long as the product contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the legal amount allowed for the product to be considered CBD, anything over is considered marijuana and thus federally illegal. The 2018 Farm Bill created these guidelines for consumers and distributors as the industry continues to grow. 

CBD legal states

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Is CBD Oil Addictive?

CBD oil should not be confused with THC, which is what creates the psychoactive effects after consumption. CBD oil and CBD products do not produce those psychoactive feelings, especially as many products look to stay under the legal 0.3% THC allowed by the government. While marijuana can be addictive, as stated by the San Antonio Recovery Center, CBD may be a safer alternative to receive the benefits without the worry of the high feeling. 

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What Kind of Pain Can You Treat with CBD Oil? 

CBD oil and CBD in general is termed by scientists as having antinociceptive and anti-hyperalgesic effects. However, to the average person this means that CBD works to detect and block nerve pain and pain sensitivity. 

According to Dr. Bonni Goldstein, Medical Director of Canna-Centers, which educates patients on how to incorporate cannabis into treatment plans, CBD can block pain messages through its 65 targets throughout the brain and body. This allows cells to relay messages between each other. 

How To Use CBD Oil for Pain?

The Arthritis Foundation recommends capsules or liquid administration for safe distribution of CBD oil. Capsules are a bit easier to take, but liquid dosed by a dropper can be held under the tongue to absorb for a few seconds. In both cases, it is recommended to start low and slow with only a few milligrams until you better understand how you feel. However, it's best to discuss CBD oil usage with your doctor before just beginning.

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Here's How Long It Takes to Feel the Effects of CBD

Much of this depends on a person’s age, weight, medical history but there are a few generalities that are agreed upon. Healthline outlines the length of time it takes for CBD to kick in is:

  • Vaping - Within 15 minutes 
  • Edibles - An hour to two hours 
  • Topical Products - An hour to two hours

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How much CBD oil should I take for pain relief?

The Center for Advancing Health (CFAH) recommends that in the case of administering a CBD oil product users should calculate the dosage with a formula. 

[Total CBD in the bottle] ÷ [Number of milliliters in the bottle] = mg of CB in a dropper.

For example, with 30 ml of CBD oil (which contains 750 mg of CBD) you would:

750 ÷ 30 = 25 mg of CBD per ml (per dropper) 

The CFAH advises those with chronic pain to take between 2.5 - 20 mg of CBD orally (along with or without THC). It is still strongly recommended to consult your doctor before beginning, as they will guide you through better dosing principles based on your weight and other parameters. 

Can you overdose on cbd oil for pain?

According to Healthline, there is documentation of what happens after taking too much CBD. A 2020 case study involved a man who had ingested two packages of CBD gummies (totaling 370 mg of CBD). He reported he believed it was safe based on the package (which suggested 30 mg to be a serving size), but he had slurred speech and vomited as a result. While he was treated and fully recovered this suggests that taking more than the recommended serving size may negatively impact health. 

Always check the labeling and confirm with your doctor before ingesting or using a new CBD product, or any other cannabinoid  similar to cannabidiol.
  Safety should always be the first priority. 

Empiric Facts About the Health Benefits of CBD oil

A cross-sectional study of cannabidiol users conducted in 2018 found that almost 62% of the CBD users studied reported using CBD as treatment for a medical condition. These top conditions were reported as pain, anxiety and depression. This suggests that CBD users are now understanding the uses and possibilities that CBD offers. 

Northwestern Medicine expands on this thinking to suggest that more research is needed before we fully understand the capabilities of CBD oil. However, in 2018 the FDA did approve Epidiolex, a CBD oral solution, for people with seizures. Researchers believe there is a connection between CBD oil and the suppression of seizure by decreasing inflammation in the brain, changing calcium levels, and slowing down the messages sent to the brain. 

How to choose CBD oil for pain?

Not all CBD oil products are made the same. It’s important to choose the right product for your needs and tolerance levels. However, with some products being inferior to others, how’s a person to choose? At BATCH we love to educate people on CBD offerings and what to look for when choosing the right product. 

Choose broad or full spectrum CBD    

Full spectrum CBD oil contains the legal amount of THC and all naturally found cannabinoids whereas broad spectrum CBD oil contains multiple cannabinoids, but without the THC. A full spectrum CBD oil may be a choice for those looking for a strong, yet fully legal cannabinoid product. BATCH offers a full spectrum CBD Balm meant for those looking for a little relief in the pain department. While you should always discuss the use of CBD oil with your doctor, this balm could be the one to bring up. But if that isn’t the one, check out our full spectrum CBD Balm: Fire & Ice for that warming and cooling relief. Ask your doctor if these might be an option for your pain management. 

However, if you are worried about the strength of the product and maybe need to pass frequent drug tests, then broad spectrum might be a better choice. 

Umpqua is the hemp strain BATCH grows to then combine with our own cannabinoid and terpene profile. The result is a full spectrum hemp product that even smells nice for those passing by. 

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Choose High Quality Products

You like to know where your food comes from, so it makes sense that you  should apply the same logic to your CBD. At BATCH we use Wisconsin farmed hemp to make our own formulations thanks to our in-house chemists.

We have a Leaping Bunny certificate, which makes us cruelty free, something we are extremely proud to have in this industry. Our products never contain fillers or additives, are non-GMO, and organic. 

Other CBD brands may add sugars or sweeteners to their products, along with filler ingredients. This effectively dilutes the CBD oil product and may impact overall effectiveness. You never want to feel like you’re missing out on the full benefits of a product, so we made sure that transparency is always king. 

Customers should be conscious of their pain and have products available to suit their needs, without the worry of inferior additives. That’s why you should always strive to choose a brand that holds the quality of products at such a high level. 

Support Local and Organic Farms

Local is becoming the new frontier for so many industries. Companies have the ability to streamline processes without sacrificing standards. Take us for example, in 2018 BATCH was one of the first companies accepted into the “Wisconsin Hemp Pilot Program.” We were first called Wisconsin Hemp Scientific, we’ve grown and established from a boutique manufacturer to have our own line of CBD products

Our hemp is grown in an area next to the Black River, which is full of rich and bountiful soil. Farmers have been on this land for generations in what is called the “Driftless Region” because it's one area that escaped from being flattened by ice glaciers long ago. This has left a storied and rich land for BATCH to support customers on their CBD journey.   

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