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Aches and pains become inevitable in life as we age. As much as we try to avoid realizing it’s there - sometimes pain just won’t go away. And it’s not just professional athletes or those with physically demanding jobs that suffer from physical pain. 

Sometimes you turn wrong in your less than ergonomic office chair and you’re not right for weeks. There are endless reasons for chronic pain and soreness that we need to address.

Here we’ll discuss 5 ways to help relieve pain and how CBD fits into the equation. This way you’ll be in the know and on your way to understanding the pain that plagues you from doing what you want.

Solutions for Muscle Pain

The market is full of products to help with pain relief. There’s your complex medical equipment options, created to send stimulation to the source of the pain. There’s also the less tech option - a bag of frozen peas on the area to help with inflammation.

But maybe there’s something between super expensive (and technical) and defrosting dinner on your leg. Moving and stretching to support your muscles is always a great option, but perhaps CBD provides an additional tool in your body’s overall aim for wellness.

Lots of medicine pills

what is cbd?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis (hemp) plant. This is one of many compounds known as cannabinoids which are found in the hemp plant. Unlike the infamous cannabinoid THC, CBD will not get you high and is legal to consume and possess in all 50 states. More and more people are using CBD on a daily basis to alleviate a wide variety of ailments.

What is CBD

What is CBD Muscle Balm?

Hellobatch cbd muscle balm

We most often hear about the prevalence of CBD oils and tinctures, even gummies, but CBD muscle balms are right up there with potential benefits. Think of a balm similar to what you put on your lips for those dry winters – only with the added benefit of CBD to help with those aches and pains throughout the body.

A balm typically contains butter, wax, and oil but does not contain water. This is what makes it different from a cream, which contains water in the formulation.

how does cbd muscle balm work?

A CBD muscle balm is meant to help you relax and ease whatever pain you are trying to mitigate. Many balms include essential oils for additional benefits on relaxation and even ease of mind.

Some include eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, and tea tree oil which are often used in a variety of health and beauty products for a more holistic treatment option than medication alone.

How does CBD balm help with pain?

As with any topical cream you can find over the counter, a CBD balm works to soothe, but does not enter the bloodstream like other formulation types. However, this CBD product does not differ in how the body processes it. Everyone has cannabinoid receptors in the skin, which is part of the larger endocannabinoid system (responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body like pain).

When applied in a topical, CBD is then absorbed and interacts with those cannabinoid receptors. But in order for the CBD to penetrate the skin, it often needs a carrier molecule (like an essential oil) to help the CBD along to aid muscle or tissue pain.

Benefits: CBD Balm for Pain Management

Sore muscles may be your top concern when it comes to a useful CBD balm, but there are additional benefits to consider.

  • Inflammation - Inflammation is not isolated to soreness after working out. There are many types of inflammation to consider and CBD has become an increasingly popular holistic option rather than using pain medication.

  • Skin Conditions - From eczema to psoriasis and even rosacea, skin conditions often become very sensitive topics for people trying to manage their side effects. CBD may provide an alternative for those looking to alleviate pain from chronic skin conditions while also trying to find peace of mind with something that is reflected in daily life.

  • Wounds - Wound care is essential in many settings from aesthetic to medical concerns. As we develop, and even return to more natural remedies, CBD continues to be studied as a viable alternative to patients.

Pros and Cons of Topical CBD Balms

Pros and cons are inevitable with any product. We’ve broken down some top ones to keep in mind.


CONS - CBD Balm 

  • Ease of use (not a messy formulation)

  • Direct absorption (don’t have to wait long)

  • Quick solution for smaller aches and pains

  • May need a stronger solution depending on the type of pain

  • May need to consult a physician if the problem continues

How long do the effects of this CBD balm last?

Some CBD can take up to a few hours to feel the true effect, but a CBD balm can generally be felt around 20 minutes after use. The length of time it is felt does range but users may be able to get a few hours of relief from start to finish.

However, much of this depends on the formulation, dosage, and your body’s ability to process and break down CBD. It’s generally sound advice to start small with any new CBD product, record how you feel, and then taper up the dose after you understand how your body tolerates it.

5 Ways CBD Muscle Balm Can Help With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is no joking matter. That’s why we’ve tracked down some ways to understand how CBD muscle balms work and what benefits they may provide. 

  1. Soreness After Working Out

Maybe you went a little too hard in the gym? That’s okay it happens to the best of us, even when we’re not trying to workout! A CBD muscle balm can be applied to sore muscles all over the body to help you relax and stretch through any discomfort. This could be especially helpful for those suffering from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). We all know that pain. You get out of bed the day after some strenuous activity and immediately feel the pain in your muscles as you crawl out of bed.

However, if you find that the balm is helping, but there is long-term residual pain, you should always discuss any ailments or past injuries with your physician. They’ll be able to better determine if it's a sore muscle from overexertion or something more complex like a tear. 

  1. Menthol To Soothe

Many muscle balms, CBD or not, often come with menthol. Menthol has long been considered a counterirritant which means that it causes the skin to feel cool and then warm. This distracts from the pain while also relieving pain from its source. It’s also a popular topical product for coughs or congestion.

Our own BATCH CBD Balm packs that fire and ice feeling thanks to the use of menthol and CBD. Our formulation uses menthol crystals, organic beeswax, along with important essential oils to help soothe and relax despite the pain.

batch cbd balm

3. Fast Absorption

Other routes of administration take up to a few hours to reach the intended effect. And while a balm also takes some time to feel the overall intended results, many manufacturers add in beneficial essential oils and chemicals like menthol for more immediate relief. 

A cooling or soothing effect can help us to notice less of the pain while the CBD works its way through the skin barrier. These oils are also considered carrier oils because they help the CBD better penetrate the skin barrier to the direct source

Some users even rub the CBD into the area to help warm up the product for quicker absorption as well. This is quite similar to any other lotion or balm that needs to be massaged into the skin for better absorption.


4. Joint Pain

Arthritis and overall joint pain plague many in their everyday lives. Studies have shown that CBD does not numb the pain, but rather reduces the inflammation that triggers pain. This is supported by a 2016 study in which rats were given CBD cream and after 4 days of use they were found to have fewer pain-related and inflammatory markers

5. Muscle Recovery  fastest absorption

fastest absorption

Earlier we discussed inflammation and using CBD in post workout situations. However, with increasing evidence, CBD may be useful as it suppresses inflammation to allow for quicker muscle recovery. It’s one thing to treat the pain you feel right after a workout, but it's interesting to think that CBD may have a role in overall recovery of muscles from inflammation. While there is more to research, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are certainly beneficial options to explore with your physician.

Final Thoughts On CBD Muscle Balm

At BATCH we get that pain can have a huge impact on day-to-day life, which is why we formulated two CBD balm options.

CBD Balm: Fire & Ice - This is the option for relief you can feel. With a warming and cooling sensation, this balm delivers 1250 mg of Full-Spectrum CBD to the area that is causing you discomfort. 

  • Boosted with camphor (6.6%) and menthol (6.7%) which gives it that intended warming/cooling effect.

  • Enriched with jojoba oil and other essential oils for quick absorption.

  • Subtle lemongrass aroma. 

CBD Balm: Original - This is to get you back on your feet. An upgraded formulation from the popular WI Hemp Scientific CBD Body Balm. Now with organic jojoba oil, more CBD, and a no-mess twist-up applicator. It’s as convenient as it is effective. 1250 mg of rich Wisconsin Full Spectrum CBD, you can't go wrong with this BATCH staple. 

  • Boosted with lavender and tea tree oils to calm irritated areas.

  • Enriched with jojoba oil and essential oils for quick absorption.

  • Easy to use 2.5 oz twist-up packaging. No messy hands!

  • Subtle fresh scent of lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus.

You certainly shouldn’t be in pain under any circumstance. You can also discuss these options with your physician if you’re experiencing pain of any sort, be it post-gym or inflammatory in nature.

Check us out on our lab process and CBD formulations for more information on how CBD works. We have a variety of tinctures, gummies, and even a CBD Aloe Vera After Sun Gel worth checking out – especially after those late summer getaways.

If you are interested in trying quality delta products, check out our sister brand, Otterspace.

September 13, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty

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