For all the positives that come along with a natural alternative, there’s bound to be some drawbacks. To many, the taste can be that drawback. It’s earthy, raw, hemp-y? Full-spectrum CBD oils like BATCH’s Original Oil Tincture, while effective in providing natural relief, can leave some with a sour face. Luckily, there are two strategies to use if you don’t like the taste of CBD oil. You can mix the CBD oil in with a tasty drink or use an alternative CBD product altogether. We’ll start with the latter.

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What To Do If You Don’t Like the Taste of CBD Oil:

Switch to Softgels

When it comes to alternatives to CBD oil tinctures, the most similar replacement is CBD softgel capsules. These timed-release capsules include the same potent formula as BATCH’s Original CBD oil. Using our high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract allows for the best effectiveness while eliminating the earthy taste. Simply swallow the premeasured capsules for a mess-free dose. One important thing to note is that it will likely take a bit longer for you to experience the benefits when taking CBD softgels. Whereas users feel benefits from an oil tincture in approximately 30 minutes, softgel users should expect to wait 60-90 minutes after consuming to feel the benefits.

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Go for Gummies

Give BATCH’s CBD Gummies a shot if swallowing pills isn’t your strong suit. This is a great alternative if you prefer the fun, fruity taste of sugar-coated fruit snacks. As of November, BATCH is using a new gummy formulation made with our same full-spectrum hemp extract. Whereas our previous gummies were THC-free, our new CBD gummies offer the same effectiveness in a tasty, vegan form (that’s right, no gelatin). If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil but haven’t tried our new gummies, you’re missing out.

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Try a Topical

Depending on the condition you’re using CBD for, CBD topicals could be a great alternative to taking CBD oil. BATCH’s CBD Relief Balms target local conditions such as joint pain, psoriasis, inflammation, swelling, and skin redness. We also boost our lotions with powerful terpene blends that will calm or rejuvenate your skin.

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Mix CBD Oil Into a Drink

If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, another way to consume it is by mixing it into your favorite drink. For the 64% of Americans that enjoy coffee regularly, CBD makes a wonderful addition. In fact, according to studies, consuming CBD with coffee can help negate the jittery side effects of being overly caffeinated, leading to a smoother, more productive experience.

For others, smoothies offer a great way to mask the taste of CBD oil. Throw in ice, Greek yogurt or milk, your favorite fruit, and some CBD oil for a tasty treat you can feel good about. If you’re not one for smoothies, do a little online research. You can find hundreds of CBD drink recipes. For a few seasonal Fall sangrias with CBD, check out our past blog.

January 17, 2022 — Griffin Lynch

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