Pregnancy can often turn into a balancing act of taking care of yourself while also ensuring that you’re doing all the right things for your growing baby. Sometimes, pregnant women try to grin and bear all the negative parts of pregnancy, like morning sickness, aches, sleeplessness, and anxiety, because they want what’s best for their baby. 

So often, they reach for items they believe to be more natural alternatives by thinking that they are safer. However, that may not always be the case. Which can bring up some of the following questions about CBD and pregnancy.

Covered by BATCH: CBD and Pregnancy

  • Is CBD appropriate for pregnant women?
  • What can CBD be used for?
  • Can you breastfeed and use CBD?

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cbd oil and pregnancy

CBD And Pregnancy

Before reaching for a CBD supplement when pregnant, it’s important to learn whether or not it’s recommended and what could happen if you decide to use it. 

Does The FDA Recommend It?

FDA’s Concerns

Currently, the FDA does not recommend using any type of CBD product at all during pregnancy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a topical or an oral supplement either. There are several reasons behind this stance that we’ll discuss.

There are two areas where the FDA is evaluating products and their safety for consumption, especially during vulnerable times in a person’s life such as pregnancy. The first is that they are looking into the effects these products can have on a person when used together with other products. The second is the effects that using these products can have over a person’s entire lifetime. Since many of these products are only recently being put on the market with a lack of long-term research, they will be evaluating what the potential long-term effects may be over time.  

Lack Of Research

One is that as hemp-derived products have only relatively recently been made legal to produce under Federal law, there has not been vast amounts of research done regarding CBD. The FDA doesn’t test items that are considered supplements.

cbd oil and pregnancy research

Completed Research

When it comes to current research, there was one study published in 1986 by the International Journal of Andrology, that evaluated high doses of CBD given to pregnant lab animals, where researchers found that there was an impact on the male animals’ reproductive systems. Another study published in 2021 Clinical Epigenetics found mixed results with an increase in anxiety, but improved memory.

As these studies were both completed on animal subjects, it can only be inferred that the same impacts would be seen in humans. However, the FDA has decided to not recommend these products during pregnancy to err on the side of caution until further research is completed.

Since the CBD market is exponentially growing, it only makes sense that research will continue to evaluate these products and determine what effects they can have on maternal health and pregnancy.    

cbd oil and pregnancy complete research

Not All Products Are Created Equally

Another reason why the FDA doesn’t recommend using CBD products is that their manufacture differs from company to company. Not every company uses the same level of scientific methodology and safe practices. As a supplement, these products are not governed by the same rules that items that are considered medications fall under. 

Testing has found that some CBD products include several dangerous materials that are not only harmful to pregnant women and their growing babies but anyone who uses the products. The FDA has received reports of some products containing fungus, bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides. 

In addition, some companies that are lax with testing may not be correctly labeling their products when it comes to the amount of THC that’s present in their CBD product. Their product may contain more THC than expected or less, which could present its own problems, especially for individuals that are drug tested for work or are seeking to stay away from products with THC in them.

Health Issues Related To Using CBD During Pregnancy

Using CBD during pregnancy not only poses risk to the developing baby but also to you. It’s possible that any supplement, including CBD, can react with any medications that you take. It’s always a good idea to speak with your pharmacist or doctor about what supplements you’re taking in addition to your regular medications. In addition, CBD may cause sleepiness and damage to your liver.

What Is CBD Used For?

While much of the research is still lacking regarding hemp products like CBD, it’s acknowledged by some that pregnant women have been using cannabis and hemp by-products, like CBD, for thousands of years. It doesn’t take much of a Google search to find anecdotal evidence of other pregnant women that have started using CBD. There are several reasons why women are deciding to reach for these types of products.

Anxiety And Stress

It’s not hard to see how being pregnant can cause anxiety and/or stress. There can be a lot of fear for the future when it comes to things like giving birth, being a new parent, parenting a newborn and older children, and so on. There are also all the things that everyone has to worry and stress about now like Covid, the economy, and beyond. It’s enough to cause sleepless nights, stress headaches, neck aches, and beyond.

Pain Relief

Growing a whole other person inside of you means that your body is going to grow through changes. Aches, muscle strains, back pain, and general pain can be a big part of pregnancy, especially as the baby grows larger. There can be a lot of worry over choosing the best pain reliever during pregnancy that provides relief without harming the baby.

Sleeping Problems

Finding ways to sleep comfortably when pregnant can be difficult. A large belly makes many sleeping positions uncomfortable. Those that prefer sleeping on their stomach may have a hard time sleeping in new positions and will struggle to sleep. There’s also the potential for a kicking baby, heartburn, and other issues that can stop you from getting a good night’s rest.  


Morning sickness is one of those conditions that is so intertwined with pregnancy. In fact, it’s often one of the first signs of pregnancy. For some women, they only have it in the first few months in the morning, but that’s not always the case. Many women deal with nausea and morning sickness all day, every day of their pregnancy. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a medical condition that hits some pregnant women very hard and is a severe form of morning sickness.

The key is always to speak with your doctor about your pregnancy and the symptoms you’re experiencing to find the safest way to help alleviate the problem while staying safe.


cbd oil and pregnancy common uses

Can I Use CBD Products While Breastfeeding?


t’s not advised by the FDA for women to use CBD products while breastfeeding either. While research being done has focused on the effects of THC specifically, some CBD products do contain THC, so without further research, it could be safe to assume it may be similar. One study found in Obstetrics and Gynecology determined that about 2.5% of a mother’s THC level was passed through the breast milk to the child.

Some mothers will often perform a pump and dump methodology when they consume something that they don’t want to pass on in their breast milk, such as food a baby may have a sensitivity to or alcohol. It’s not advisable to pump and dump with CBD as it’s uncertain when the compounds from CBD may enter the breastmilk between consumption and pumping.  


cbd oil and pregnancy breastfeeding

What Other Cannabis Products Are Safe To Consume During Pregnancy

According to the FDA, there is only one Cannabis product that has been approved to be used at all. It’s a seizure medication. In addition, the FDA has also noted that using hemp seeds in food products is safe.  


cbd oil and pregnancy. Are they safe to consume?

When In Doubt, Talk To A Doctor

During your pregnancy, one of the best things you can do is to have great communication with your doctor. New research is always delving into what’s safe and what’s not. That’s why your doctor is a great source of information for you to go over any questions you have. 

It’s always a safe bet to bring in that cream or over-the-counter supplement a well-meaning friend or family member gave you to your next appointment. Your doctor can read over the ingredients and let you know if it’s something safe for you to use or if you should wait until after the baby is born. 

Bringing the product in rather than telling them about it can be very beneficial. They can help you to determine the right products to be using during your pregnancy and help you to weigh the pros and cons of the different ways to handle your negative pregnancy symptoms. 


cbd oil and pregnancy talk to a doctor

Keep BATCH In Mind Later

If you’re struggling with your pregnancy, be sure to speak with your doctor about ways to help you feel better. Remember that this will eventually pass, and as time moves on, more research may be available when it comes to pregnancy and CBD usage. When looking for a CBD company that creates high-quality products that are tested and safe, you can count on BATCH.

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