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Why Everyone Loves
BATCH Nighttime Gummies

By Ashley Moe
Last Updated Apr 12, 2023


Fall Asleep Quicker,
Stay Asleep Longer

Slow your mental motor and start getting the rest you need right when your head hits the pillow. And no more 3 am wake-ups either. Our potent botanicals will plummet you into deep levels of sleep for the whole night.


Better Nights =
Better Days

“Ahh I feel great, I slept like crap last night” - No one. Ever. It’s actually quite amazing what a good night’s sleep can do to your wellbeing. Now imagine getting that type of sleep every night. You might become invincible.



We’ll shoot you straight. There are plenty of ways to knock yourself out. But the magic happens when you wake up without side effects. Our melatonin-free chews do just that.



Not all sleep aids are equal - you can depend on BATCH NT gummies without having to depend on them. Think of them as your sleep safety-blanket.


We Worry
So You Don't

We're slightly obsessed with quality. BATCH's in-house chemists produce our gummies in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. Every batch is lab tested for potency and safety. So, you know what you're getting - every time. 


Quick And

Achieve a blissful state of mind in one bite. Ditch the 30-minute meditation session (I always got bored of those too). Take one of these tasty raspberry-flavored squares 45 minutes before bed and you’ll be all set.



No fluffy, 1000 word contract with hundreds of ways to let ourselves off the hook. Just a simple guarantee - you love it or your money back.


Over 1.8 Million Hours
Of Sleep Delivered

We'd never suggest following the crowd, but with over 229,320 gummies sold (and counting), you probably won't be wrong on this one. 


Set Your Sleep
On Autopilot

BATCH offers the best subscription perks in the business. Free shipping. Free Gifts. Pause/Cancel/Adjust anytime. Never miss a sale. VIP support. We roll out the red carpet for our subscribers. 

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Sleep better in one bite. Chew one gummy 45 minutes before bed, and you'll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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