CBG Vs. CBD: Your Guide To These Popular Cannabinoids

CBG Vs. CBD: Your Guide To These Popular Cannabinoids

As a consumer, knowing the difference between these products and what each may have to offer is important. What is CBG? What is CBD? What should you know about
October 13, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
can cbd be used for weight loss

Can CBD Oil Be Used For Weight Loss? 

Top diet trends such as Keto, intermittent fasting, Paleo, etc. come and go, creating a $72.6 billion market for the weight loss industry. While many dieting plans fail to achieve what they promise, CBD has become the best-kept secret for anyone struggling with obesity and its consequences.
October 12, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
Does insurance cover cbd oil?

Does Insurance Cover CBD Oil in 2022?

The never ending topic of insurance! It can be complicated to understand what is covered, how much of it is covered, and what you have to end up paying. As we look more into CBD and CBD oil offerings, it’s caused many of us to ask - “huh, is this covered?” 
October 12, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
CBD oil and pregnancy

CBD And Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know

Pregnancy can often turn into a balancing act of taking care of yourself while also ensuring that you’re doing all the right things for your growing baby. Sometimes, pregnant women try to grin and bear all the negative parts of pregnancy, like morning sickness, aches, sleeplessness, and anxiety, because they want what’s best for their baby. 
October 12, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
Do CBD oils expire? All you need to know

Do CBD Oils Expire? How to increase shelf-life of your cbd products

Cannabidiol (CBD) is fast becoming a popular supplement among adults of all ages in the United States. This increasing popularity is largely due to its numerous health benefits and non-intoxicative nature.
October 12, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
cbd oil for anxiety

CBD For Flight Anxiety: Everything You Need To Know

CBD may be an option to consider using if you’re getting ready for a flight. There are varying strengths and formulations to try
October 10, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
is delta 8 safe

Is Delta 8 Safe? All your Health and Questions Answered

So, if it keeps popping up, what’s a consumer to do? We want to inform you on how safe delta 8 actually is, so we’ve included all that and the health and legal questions you’re probably asking yourself.
September 21, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
weedmap vs leafly

Weedmaps vs Leafly - Which is Better? -

If you’re in the market for cannabis products, you’re probably wondering where to search. Sure you can google and find individual brands, but that becomes time consuming and takes away from the learning process. And there is a learning curve considering all of the cannabis products on the market.
September 19, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
delta 8 vs delta 9

Delta 8 Vs. Delta 9: Everything You Need To Know

We’ve got you covered with all of the basic definitions and key information before deciding if it’s the right cannabis product for you.
September 19, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
indica vs sativa

Sativa Vs. Indica: Similarities and Differences

One of the most wonderful things about cannabis is its versatility. The plant offers a wide range of experiences, medical benefits and ways to relax.
September 16, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
weed hangover

Weed Hangovers: Can You Prevent Them? Can You Cure Them?

If you’ve ever woken up not feeling your best after consuming weed the night before? Maybe you’ve felt nauseous, had a headache, or even still felt high? If so, you may have experienced a weed hangover.
September 15, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty
cbd vs cbn

CBN Vs. CBD: Differences, Benefits, Uses, and More

As we look for additional insight into the human mind and body, we often come into dilemmas we can’t reach alone. We reach out to our doctors for advice, but often our own research yields important results to reinforce future discussions.
September 13, 2022 — Dennis Mistrioty