Summer Olympics 2021: Athletes Can Use CBD

Summer Olympics 2021: Athletes Can Use CBD

For the first time in Olympics history, athletes can now use CBD legally. The WADA policy changes have now allowed for athletes to take control of their recovery, naturally.

What is the WADA?

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is an organization that monitors the use of drugs in the Olympics. In the wake of record-breaking doping scandals in the Olympics and other professional sports, WADA was founded in 1999 to ensure every athlete had a fair chance for gold. Soon after its foundation, it had banned the use of all cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. This meant that athletes who would normally turn to natural remedies like CBD for recovery, were instead stuck using prescription painkillers. However WADA announced in 2018 that CBD will now be removed from its list of banned substances, allowing athletes to use CBD for recovery for the first time ever in the 2021 Olympic Games.

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Photo: Getty Images | Sha'Carri Richardson, Team USA Track & Field

Just One Catch for Olympians with CBD

There’s just one catch: athletes still cannot test positive for THC.  THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, and is legally produced in extremely trace amounts in most CBD products.  So, it is still imperative that olympic athletes choose their CBD provider wisely if using ingestible products, especially when choosing full-spectrum CBD.  One positive test and the athlete will be disqualified.

In order for Olympic athletes to remain fully compliant, they will need to be highly attentive to their CBD products and dosage. To ensure compliance with WADA, athletes must ensure their CBD oils and topicals are below the legal THC limit of 0.3%. Authorities suggest ensuring their products are derived from hemp and not cannabis to avoid mix-ups and potential disqualifications. Topical products are also much safer for compliance.

USA sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson has made headlines recently after testing positive for marijuana (THC) in June.  The violation has resulted in a one month suspension for Richardson, jeopardizing her appearance in the Tokyo Olympics.  This comes with great shock to the Olympic world as Richardson was the heavy gold-medal favorite for the 100 meter run.  The violation has also caused some controversy with many athletes protesting that marijuana is in no way performance enhancing.  While the allowance of CBD is certainly a step in the right direction for natural recovery, Richardson’s case is a perfect example of how cannabis education has a ways to go in the athletic community.

Ellipse Analytics tested 250 top-selling CBD products in the country last year and discovered 45% of them contain over the legal threshold of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Ellipse Analytics noted that 21% of CBD products boldly claiming “THC-free” ended up popping positive for THC. Figures.

CBD for Athletes

Still Work to be Done

In light of CBD gaining popularity for athletes, this move is essential in progress for CBD as an alternative for many people. Professional athletes across the nation including olympians Megan Rapinoe and Ross Rebagliati are becoming faces of CBD brands and vowing to speak on hemp’s benefits. With Team USA being held to high standards, this leaves many of us wondering how athletes will begin to safely incorporate CBD into their athletic recovery without repercussion.  

What do you think about CBD in the olympics? Our team would love to hear your thoughts.

topical cbd products are great for localized pain relief

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October 09, 2021 — Griffin Lynch

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