How To Recycle Your Tincture

Reduce, reuse, recycle. You’ve heard it all before, but with legislation having little to no (easy) recycling options for the average consumer, we wanted to boil it down.

Step 1: Flatten the B-Box.

“Un-box” the tincture package. It is completely recyclable and should be deconstructed. This step helps the sortation process to ensure proper recycling when it arrives at the plant. 

Step 2: Disassemble the dropper.

This can be done with a simple pull of the dropper and glass piece in opposite directions. Once the rubber top is pulled off of the glass measuring device, please dispose of the rubber top into the trash, it is not recyclable. Save the glass for washing.

Step 3: Remove the tincture label.

For ultimate cleanliness, peel off the label before dishwashing or hand-washing. If the label does not fully remove in one try, use goo gone in order to clean leftover residue. Unfortunately, our labels cannot be recycled due to their adhesive propylene acrylic material, so please dispose of this in the trash.

Step 4: Wash thoroughly to ensure proper disposal.

Rinse the glass graduated dropper and the bottle thoroughly with dish soap or run through the dishwasher to ensure a clean and recyclable product. This makes it easy for waste companies to sort and ensure your container becomes recycled. Let dry if possible.

Step 5: Check-in with local ordinances.​

If your local recycling service does not accept glass, we strongly encourage you to locate a glass drop near you. Research your personal recycling service for further information and banned materials. We cannot guarantee that your bottle will be fully recycled or repurposed, as the process solely depends on the recycling service that you use. However, we hope that you take these steps to help us move forward to create a better planet and wellbeing for all. 

Our packaging partners, ALjAN, are on the frontlines of  sustainability and are currently investing in new ways that packaging can remain eco-friendly while also providing a great unboxing experience. We want our bottles to remain in tact when they arrive at your doorstep, which is why we have carefully chosen these materials. 

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October 09, 2021 — Griffin Lynch

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