How To Get More Value Out Of Your CBD

CBD can be quite expensive, but there are a few ways to increase the bang for your buck. Here, we look at two easy ways to get more mg’s of CBD for less.

Allow for Full Absorption

The best way to take a CBD tincture is to drop your desired dose under your tongue. Taking CBD sublingually allows for maximum absorption of CBD into your bloodstream. This means you need to take less CBD compared to just swallowing the oil. Going through less of your bottle is the best way to conserve CBD oil and save money.

allow for full absorption

Size Up or Increase Concentration

Another way to get more value out of your CBD Oil is to size up. Our tincture blends are offered at two convenient sizes: ⅓ oz and 1 oz. And our Original blend is offered in three concentrations. While the ⅓ oz tincture is an attractive $34.99, the price per mg of CBD (what you’re paying for) is actually quite a bit higher compared to the full-sized 1 oz tincture. They are both the same concentration, so it’s an easy apples to apples comparison:

⅓ oz 333 mg Tincture: $34.99 / 333 mg CBD = $0.105 per mg CBD

1 oz 500 mg Tincture: $44.99 / 500 mg CBD = $0.089 per mg of CBD

1 oz 1000 mg Tincture: $74.99 / 1000 mg CBD = $0.075 per mg of CBD

1 oz 2000 mg Tincture: $109.99 / 2000 mg CBD = $0.055 per mg of CBD

1 oz 3000 mg Tincture: $129.99 / 3000 mg CBD = $0.043 per mg of CBD

This means you are getting almost 30% more value by sizing up from the ⅓ oz mini to the 1 oz tincture! Furthermore, the 3000 mg tincture is 59% more value than the ⅓ oz mini.

October 09, 2021 — Griffin Lynch

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