How Much CBD Should I Take?

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is “how much should I take?” Rightfully so, people should be informed when it comes to CBD dosing. Proper dosage plays a critical role in a user’s CBD experience. This blog post will outline important things to consider when taking CBD via a tincture dropper.

Recommended Starting Dose

Here is our obligatory, “everyone is different and responds to CBD in different ways” statement. This can be frustrating to hear as a first time customer, but it is the truth. However, if you have no idea what dose to start with, we’ve found that 10-15 mg of CBD twice daily is a good place to start. We encourage customers to experiment a bit with this, increasing and decreasing dosage/frequency and monitoring accordingly. Eventually, you’ll find your optimum dose.

How Much of the Tincture Do I Take?

First, we need to examine what it is you are actually taking. In the vast CBD product landscape, there are many types of products that depict their CBD amounts in various ways. A smaller amount (volume) of a high concentration tincture could have much more CBD than a larger amount of a lower concentration tincture. This makes it quite confusing for the uninitiated customer and that’s why it’s critical to understand proper dosing.

Most commonly, tinctures state the total amount of CBD in the bottle (e.g. 1000 mg). Other bottles will list a CBD concentration (e.g. 15 mg CBD/mL) or a CBD amount per serving. Regardless of how the CBD content of the product is displayed, it is necessary to translate this into a dose that is right for you. This may require some elementary math skills. Here’s your game plan depending upon your type of labeling:

If your bottle just lists the total amount of CBD, divide that total amount by the volume of the entire bottle (typically 30 mL). This will yield the mg of CBD per mL.

Total amount of CBD [mg] / Volume of bottle [mL] =  Concentration [mg CBD/mL]

Our bottles are labeled using both of these methods for easy dosing, so you can compare directly to other products. Here are some common CBD concentrations for 1 oz (30 mL) bottles:

  • 500 mg CBD Total = 17 mg of CBD per mL
  • 750 mg CBD Total = 25 mg of CBD per mL
  • 1000 mg CBD Total = 33 mg of CBD per mL
  • 1500 mg CBD Total = 50 mg of CBD per mL
  • 2000 mg CBD Total = 67 mg of CBD per mL

If your bottle has CBD concentration in the form of X mg of CBD per mL, you are all set! Likewise, if CBD amount is listed as an amount per serving, it is easiest to just use that value.

Based on your desired CBD dose, you will then need to figure out how much tincture mix to suck up in the dropper by using the following formula:

Desired CBD Dose [mg] / Concentration of Bottle [mg CBD/mL] = Volume of Dose [mL]

For our recommended starting dose of 10 mg of CBD and using our 500 mg Tincture bottle the math looks like this:

500 mg CBD Total => 17 mg CBD/mL

10 mg (desired dose) / 17 mg CBD/mL (concentration) = 0.6 mL (volume of dose)

Our droppers have graduations listing the volume (in quarter mL increments) making it easy to measure the volume of tincture mix sucked up. If you are using a dropper without graduations:

  1. You’re welcome for the free advice, but our tinctures are better and easier to use 😉
  2. A full dropper is roughly equivalent to 1 mL
CBD dosing for 500 mg Tincture
CBD dosing for 1000 mg Tincture
CBD dosing for 2000 mg Tincture


It is critical to understand the concentration of your CBD tincture to properly dose. We typically recommend starting with 10-15 mg of CBD twice daily, but everyone’s dose/frequency will be unique to them. It is best to experiment with this dosage for yourself to see what works best for you!

October 09, 2021 — Griffin Lynch

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