5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using CBD Oil

For every one person who knows the natural benefits CBD can offer, there are about ten others who are skeptical. At BATCH, our philosophy is that it’s good to be skeptical. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That’s why we’re transparent about the fact that CBD isn’t a miracle drug that will solve all your problems. In fact, CBD may not work for you at all. That being said, there’s a pretty good chance that you will experience beneficial results from taking CBD oil. You just have to do so properly. In this blog, we’ll discuss five common mistakes to avoid when using CBD oil. If you or someone you know thinks CBD is a scam, take a deeper look at these mistakes.

Only Taking a Few Drops

For some reason, there’s a persisting notion that when taking CBD oil, only a few drops should be consumed. Perhaps due to the delivery mechanism (rubber dropper), too many think that a few drops should do the trick. In almost all cases that’s simply not true. Due to their inconsistent nature, drops are generally a bad way to measure your dosage. The size of the drop is dependent upon how much you’re squeezing the rubber end. Even with highly concentrated CBD oils, it’s much better to measure your dose with the lines on the dropper rather than by counting drops.

one mistake to avoid when using cbd oil is only taking a few drops

We recommend absolute beginners start with about 10-15mg of CBD twice a day. If you’re using a 1000mg concentration tincture, that’s just under half of a full dropper. Why count the number of drops (which will vary in size) when you can simply know to fill the dropper to the same line every time. If you keep this in mind, using a tincture becomes a lot easier. Simply fill the dropper, squeeze out drops until you get to your desired line, and then drop all the oil under your tongue.

Swallowing CBD Oil Too Fast

One of the most common mistakes to avoid when using CBD oil is swallowing it immediately after dropping it in your mouth. Although it’s not harmful by any means, you’ll get the most efficient use out of your CBD oil if you let it sit in your mouth for about 30-90 seconds before swallowing. This allows for the compound to be absorbed into your bloodstream faster and without losing potency due to your liver or stomach acid. If you’ve struggled to notice any effects from your CBD, let it sit under your tongue a bit longer next time.

avoid thc-free cbd oil for the best therapeutic results

Using THC-Free CBD

There’s nothing inherently wrong with THC-free CBD oils. In fact, some people may feel more comfortable using one if they have very strict no-THC policies in their line of work (law enforcement, machinery operation, teaching, healthcare, etc.). That said, even if you are in one of these careers, the risk of failing a drug test due to using full-spectrum CBD is extremely low. What is known for a fact is that CBD with even trace amounts of THC is therapeutically superior to THC-free CBD products. If you or someone you know didn’t notice any helpful effects from CBD, make sure the brand is full-spectrum for the best results. For more on why this is, research the Entourage Effect.

Doctors looking over medical charts and talking

Not Talking With Your Doctor

Not talking to your doctor is another issue on our list of mistakes to avoid when using CBD oil. Your physician will be able to credibly tell you whether or not the condition you’re hoping to treat can be improved by CBD use. It’s also important to check that CBD won’t interfere with any other medications you might be taking. On top of that, your doctor knows your medical history, height, weight, and other key indicators that can help them suggest a more accurate dose for you. While we can recommend general dosing guidelines for everyone, there are a lot of factors that go into determining your optimal dose. Understanding this can help lead to a better experience.

avoid these mistakes when using cbd oil

Using CBD Irregularly

Using CBD once in a while can be beneficial for some. However, like with most supplements consistently using CBD is important for treating many conditions. This is especially true if the condition is severe or long-lasting. For example, when it comes to taking the edge off of back pain perhaps you only need a few doses to get you through. If you’re battling anxiety, however, it is much more likely that you won’t experience the benefits of CBD after just one use. This is because of how CBD works with your body’s Endocannabinoid System to regulate chemical imbalances. In cases like this (and a host of others), it is best to stick with CBD for 2-4 weeks before ruling it out as a viable solution.

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October 09, 2021 — Griffin Lynch

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